Introduction of Software, MS- DOS, Windows(Software Concept)

The course trains you for the programming aspects of software development, generally required for, academics, making customized software,web-based applications, creating database designs and enterprise applications and lot more. Duration: 2-3 Months Type: Rapid Short-Term Certificate Course Fee: INR 5,000-9,000

The course is suitable to provide you with up to date knowledge and skills in the fundamental concepts of software engineering, electronics, and computing. You will learn programming techniques, project management, database design, software development, web application development, architecture framework, and much more. This course trains you will all the fundamental concepts of DOS and Windows Systems.Benefits of the course:

  • This programme is helpful for those who have an affinity for the technical aspects of computer systems, along with an appreciation of how humans interact with them.
  • Software engineers are the computer programming personnel who shape the way end users interact with computer technology. Once the realm of the “geek,” computer software engineering is rapidly becoming a mainstream profession, due in no small part to its robust earning potential and ever-increasing demand. As long as there is consumer demand for computer technology, there will be no shortage of work for computer software engineers.

After the completion of this course, you can get Employment in the following areas:

  • Software Publishing Companies
  • Collages & Universities
  • LinkedIn, Shell, Microsoft, Oracle  Companies
  • Gaming Companies
  • Mobile App Development Companies
  • Post Secondary Teaching

Software Engineer Job Types:

  • Analyst Programmer
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Gaming Developer
  • Programmer
  • Software Engineering Lead
  • Java Developer
  • User Interface Developer
  • Information Security Analyst

Average Starting Salary: INR 2 to 7 lakhs per annum


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